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22 May 2012
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Twitter is a social media platform that can be valuable to your marketing strategy. However, it can be intimidating when you are first starting out. It’s the platform I get asked about the most from those who are just starting to dive into the social media world. Like anything else that gives you anxiety, you just have to take it head-on. Conquer your fear. I promise, once you get it, you’ll get it. You can start by just observing.

Watching what people tweet, how they tweet, how they talk to their followers, what they share can all be very helpful. You will quickly begin to have an appreciation and admiration for certain people and just the opposite for others, and you will begin to learn the culture. Keep in mind, that while Facebook is designed for you to connect with people you already know, (sort of) Twitter is designed for you to make brand new connections and meet brand new people. It’s public, it’s open, you can follow anyone and anyone can follow you.(If you don’t lock down your tweets, but that’s another story). So don’t think of it in the same way you think of Facebook. It is very different in how you connect with people. Once you accept that, you’re well on your way!

I’ve compiled a list of some pretty easy, yet very important Twitter Tips that will get you started on the right track!

1) Don’t be an egghead – This could mean more than one thing, but right now I’m referring to your profile pic or avatar. The first thing you need to do is get rid of that default egghead picture. An egghead to me says “SPAMMER”. Nobody wants to be mistaken for a spammer! Replace it with a nice, friendly picture of YOU. Not an object or your pet, YOU!

2) Fill out your bio with a brief description of yourself and include a link to your site or blog. If you don’t yet have one, link it to another platform: Facebook or LinkedIn.

3) Resist the urge to tweet like someone you admire. Use it as a guide to show you how it can be done but by all means be yourself and be unique. The next important thing is to be useful and interesting. These are the reasons people will want to follow you.

4) Watch your grammar and spelling. Don’t tweet like you text. You only have to do this if you want people to take you seriously. Exactly :-)

5) Don’t be noisy. It’s ok to acknowledge and thank people for retweeting, but don’t over do it and certainly don’t flood your followers timelines with retweets of mentions. It’s kind of annoying. What IS cool is seeing that you’re having conversations with your followers. That’s classy. Speaking of which…

6) ENGAGE, ENGAGE and when you’re done ENGAGE again! Don’t just broadcast. The whole concept behind social media is to build relationships. You can’t do that without talking. Start conversations, ask questions. This is how it begins.

7) Share. Twitter is the perfect place to share your content. Do share it!

8 ) Don’t be a phantom. Show up and be consistent. Don’t disappear for days at a time. Don’t check in every few days and expect results. You have to put the time in like anything else. This doesnt’ mean that you have to put tons of time in, but you must be consistent.

9) Search. Twitter’s search bar is awesome for helping you find people who share your interests, find news, and information relative to your industry. It’s a valuable tool.

10) Relax. Social Media is supposed to be fun. Don’t make it complicated. Enjoy it! The connections you make and conversations you have will amaze you.


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12 responses on “Top 10 Easy Twitter Tips To Help You Tweet Better

  1. I need to engage more often.
    I’ve gotten better using Twitter but starting from no where I have to agree, just do it and as you do it you get a feel for it. In the process, gather information.
    Great case in point tips. They work!

  2. Sara, thanks for all the great tips! I have started to engage more on Twitter and it shows! Love what you wrote: ”Relax. Social media is supposed to be fun!’ Love iet!

  3. Sherie says:

    Sara, thanks so much for the great Twitter tips! I have been on Twitter for a while and have just started falling in love with it…I love how you emphasize ENGAGE…still learning!

  4. Thanks for the awesome post, Sara! I love all the advice you give regarding Twitter. It’s so valuable and very helpful!

  5. denny hagel says:

    This is such helpful information! Twitter seems to be the foundation of social media and your tips will make it a successful endeavor!

  6. Thanks for the information, Sara. Twitter is finally making sense to me and I find that I am liking it more & more. Woohoo! Great post, great ideas!

  7. I guess I’ve been somewhat of a phantom! I haven’t yet really engaged much on twitter, but I’m on my way. Thanks for the great tips!

  8. Lorii Abela says:

    Love your advice on twitter, Sara. Thanks!

  9. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the tips…I really need to work on engaging more. Love the ‘egghead’ tip :)

  10. Lori says:

    Great tips! You are so right that it is important to be consistent! Thanks for sharing!

  11. elizabeth says:

    These are great sweetie!!! I unfollow or will not follow an egghead lol

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