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Social Media Marketing is a force that simply cannot be ignored and an absolute must as a part of a business marketing plan. Often times people will search for social site’s of a brand to get more information about that company’s products or services, or to see what people are saying about them. This makes your online presence absolutely necessary. But social media can also be overwhelming. With all that you have to do to run your business, it seems like almost too much to ask to incorporate this still fairly new aspect of business, let alone learn how it works.

Baby steps! You won’t learn it all overnight so take small steps to make it work for you. Before you get started, consider these action items and success steps on your journey to sharing your expertise in a way that is helpful and valuable to the online community you are starting to build:


1) Identify Your customer – truly define your customer: age, marital status, education, interests; etc;.
2) Identify how they are using social media themselves – what sites are they visiting?
3) Find out where they are hanging out online – what interests them?
4) Decide what you will contribute
5) What is your objective? What action do you want your followers to take? Are you driving them to your website? Are you looking to build your email list?
6) What problems or needs to do your followers have? Develop a content plan to support those needs or problems.


1) Listen to what people are talking about around your business/industry. Pay attention to the conversations taking place online.
2) Build your community. Look for people to find and follow. ASK people to follow you.
3) Talk/engage with your community. Be present online!
4) Deliver valuable content to your community with tips, articles, videos, etc;.
5) CONVERT. Let them know where they can get more of your value by doing business with you!

These are the basics for building a successful online community.

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9 responses on “Social Media Beginners Checklist

  1. Good place for beginners to start! Great tips!

  2. Sara thanks for the nice set of action items.

  3. Great way of breaking it down into small actionable steps Sara. I think beginners can get overwhelmed when they try to do it all at once.

  4. Sarah Kuglin says:

    Great action items and success tips! Thanks for the resource Sara! :)

  5. This was very difficult for me to understand in the beginning and not doing so got me nowhere. Very valuable action steps here Sara!

  6. Susan Myers says:

    Sara, this is a great resource! Definitely bookmarking this site. Thanks.

  7. denny hagel says:

    Fantastic!! This sure would have been a huge help when I began years ago!

  8. these are great tips Sara. i still look around to find my ideal clients and what they do! Thanks for the poke..;)

  9. Kerry Postel says:

    Great list of items! Thanks

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