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As business owners our ultimate goal and objective is to gain new customers and maintain customer loyalty. The best way to do that is to build relationships. Relationships take time and work to build. In any situation. In business, a great way to do this is through social media. Social Media is designed for interaction. Key word being SOCIAL. So we MUST engage. The challenge is always finding out what works for engagement. Content varies from business to business, depending on your target market and niche. However, there are some things that just work better than others. In order to get your followers talking, you have to get their attention. Here are some great ways to get your fan’s attention:

1) Images. No doubt if you check the stats on your Facebook posts your images probably get you the most engagement. More so than simply posting a link. Images get attention in newsfeeds. Make your content appealing with images. Use great photos in your blog posts as well.

2) Videos. Can you show your business in action? Shoot some video at an event, show your product being made, or give some advice in your area of expertise. It can be short and sweet, but make it interesting and valuable.

3) Text. Fans are still more likely to read text than links. So share some tips, quotes or information. Wanna sweeten the deal? Put it on a graphic!

Make sure your content is visually appealing, and is valuable to your followers. They will be more likely to engage and share. Encourage the conversation by asking for their thoughts, opinions and responding to their comments. That’s where the lasting relationship begins!

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10 responses on “How To Effectively Increase Facebook Engagement

  1. Olga Hermans says:

    Video’s are vital for theincrease of our engaging online; I have to ocme out of my comfortzone to get working on that one!!

  2. Great tips, Sara. I’m doing most except the videos…I am still working on this. I do have a few but I do know that I could benefit with more. Thanks so much! Have a super day!

  3. Sherie says:

    Sara, I hadn’t thought of sharing videos on my facebook page…I am going to have to get to work!! Thanks for the great post!

  4. Lorii Abela says:

    Great tips, Sara. I also didn’t have the idea of sharing video on my fan page. I usually just use text and photos. Well, thanks for the tip… :)

  5. Sue says:

    Totally “get” what you’re saying and agreed wholeheartedly. Exactly the things I am looking for to engage with others; I have some work to do with the videos!! Thanks for the PUSH! :)

  6. Great tips! PIctures, I have found, get the most interaction!

  7. Excellent tips on building engagement on Facebook. Love it!

  8. elizabeth says:

    these are perfect my dear! Facebook engagement has become a big challenge since facebook want to you pay for promoted post LOL ugghh..

  9. Sara, Thanks for the tips. I have to get over the video hurdle! I feel like my face aged 20 years this year and I’m not used to that person in the mirror yet. Just as soon as my mind catches up with the new face, I’ll give it a go! Christiane

133 Flares Twitter 73 Facebook 0 Google+ 15 Pin It Share 0 LinkedIn 35 Buffer 10 StumbleUpon 0 133 Flares ×