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So you want to open a Twitter account? Great! I am a huge fan of Twitter. I find that for me, I have had the most engagement on Twitter than on any other social network. Because it looks so different and doesn’t appear to be quite as easy to use as Facebook, often people are reluctant to give it a try. My advice is just that: TRY IT! Let’s take it step by step:

1) Go to and click sign up. Choose your username. It’s important to choose a name that’s consistent with your brand if you’re using it for business.
2) Customize your profile page: Choose a photo. I think it’s best to use your actual photo rather than a logo. Write a brief bio: something about your business and your personal interests.
Set your background. Twitter has background themes to choose from or you can use your own background photo. There is also software that you can use to customize your Twitter background and some of them are free!
3) Save it! You are all done setting up your profile!
4) Find your friends. Twitter allows you to find which of your friends are on Twitter through your email program. Once you find people you know, follow them!
5) Find people, brands and others with whom interests you share be it for business or hobbies: entrepreneurs, artists, cooks, travel industry professionals, personal trainers, sports writers, etc;. You can find people simply by using Twitter’s search bar. Enter the hashtag symbol #, and type in keywords. You can also find people to follow by looking at who other people follow or who are following them.

Soon people will be following you back! Social Networking rules still apply: share interesting content and be social! It’s still about relationship building. Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

3 responses on “Getting Started On Twitter

  1. Dawn Lanier says:

    Nice info for Twitter newbies Sara!

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